About our team

A Joint Vision

The Town Plaza Project was created through the visioning of three community Organizations.:  the Lake Almanor Area Chamber of Commerce, The Lake Almanor Community Foundation, and the Feather River Tourism Association.

Lake Almanor Community Foundation

The Lake Almanor Community Foundation is a 501c3 corporation founded in 2001 for the purpose of lessening the burdens of government, for the communities located in the vicinity of Lake Almanor, providing education opportunities with respect to such community activities as recreational programs, performing arts, local libraries, civic and cultural programs, the monitoring of water quality in Lake Almanor and support of other initiatives to promote the health and welfare of the Lake Almanor community.

Lake Almanor Area Chamber of Commerce

The Lake Almanor Area Chamber of Commerce is a 501c6 corporation serving the business and community needs of Lake Almanor since the 1950’s. The primary objectives of the Chamber are: 1) To serve the general public and the members of the area business community through planned educational programs and services that have social and recreational potential for development of the Chamber’s Lake Almanor Basin service area. 2) To inform the general public about the residential, recreational and economic advantages of the area as a place to live, work, visit and invest, and 3) To be a collaborative partner in matters of regional planning, economic development, civic enterprise, education and cultural enrichment of the area served.  

Feather River Tourism Association

The purpose of Feather River Tourism Association, a 501c6 corporation, is to promote the common interests of, and improve business conditions for Plumas County tourism businesses through the operation of a tourism marketing district and other programs and initiatives. FRTA's primary objectives are: 1) To position Plumas County as a premier, year-round visitor destination and to increase travel spending to Plumas County tourism businesses through results-oriented external marketing and advertising, and enhanced tourism resources, 2)  Marketing and sales promotions to increase overnight tourism as a specific benefit to tourism businesses assessed by the Feather River Tourism Marketing District, 3) Seek opportunities for growth and development across the region,  4) Educate tourism stakeholders on goals and strategies to enhance tourism opportunities,
5) Work collaboratively and cohesively across the region with businesses, organizations, the County of Plumas, and regional gateway partners to enhance travel and tourism to Plumas County.

Meet The Development Team

Susan Bryner

President, Lake  Almanor Area Chamber of Commerce
Susan  and her husband Tim O'Brien own five Coldwell Banker offices in Plumas County.  She also owns a successful bookstore in Chester, opened in 2003 and serves as a director of the Feather River Tourism Association and the Lake Almanor Community Foundation.  Susan's work on the development team will focus on  funding ,  grant writing and  public/private partnerships.

Katherine Sansone

Vice Chair, Lake Almanor Community Foundation
Katherine is the principal of SANSONE+, a public relations firm she started in 1986 in the Bay Area.  She has donated her skills and talent to such organizations as Rotary Club of San Leandro, San Francisco Child Abuse Council, Girl’s Inc., Junior Achievement and Lincoln Child Center Foundation.  Katherine serves as Vice Chair to the Lake Almanor Community Foundation.  Her work on the development team will focus on public relations and marketing.

Chelssa Outland

Owner, Lassen Flowers & Events
Chelssa's diverse background makes her uniquely suited to guide the development of our Plaza.  Chelssa has a degree in construction management and over 15 years of experience working  as an event coordinator and planner. She has planned and coordinated weddings, social parties, charity events and much more.  Chelssa's work on the development team will focus on project management and event planning.

Mary Austin

Yoga Instructor, Barista & Community Volunteer
Mary has an extensive background in banquet and restaurant management that she brought to Lake Almanor from Pebble Beach.   Currently she enjoys teaching Yoga at  Lake Almanor Fitness and being a most beloved Barista at the Coffee Station.  Mary has served on several committees involving recreation and event planning  since moving to Lake Almanor.  Her work on the development team will focus on planning for the Public Market.

Our Advisory Council

Sherrie Thrall, Plumas County Supervisor
Kevin Trutna, President Feather River College
Dean Kasenbaum, Developer
Greg Olah, Construction
Tracey Smith, Plumas Bank
Rachelle Labosky, Sage Creek Insurance
Dan Blair, PG&E Government Liason
Dave Moore, District Director, CalTrans
Susan Espana, Almanor Parks & Recreation
Roxanne Valladao, Plumas Arts
Moorea Stout, Sierra Institute & Almanor Watershed