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A Town Plaza For Year Round Activities

A Community Need

The economy of the Lake Almanor Basin has struggled since the decline of the timber industry.  The Basin and Plumas County as a whole are one of a handful of counties in California to have a declining population and an aging demographic with a rise in those over age 60 and a decline in those under.  Many families complain of not enough to do for their children, especially during the winter months, and, due to the lack of employment and cultural opportunities, many youth graduate, go off to college, and do not return.

The Lake Almanor Basin and the town of Chester have no civic space.  We are in need of a place to meet, celebrate and recreate.  Then cities and neighborhoods have thriving civic spaces, residents have a strong sense of community. The Town Plaza will be a place with its own special flavor that will give our residents a sense of place, provide a forum for public activities, and become a singular attraction for visitors that will energize our local economy.

Planning for our children, our families, and our community.

Our Town Plaza is an initiative for economic development and the advancement of community health, education, and cultural and recreational opportunities.  The Town Plaza will create  a central location for community cultural and recreational opportunities, as well as become a unique, inviting and marketable destination for the traveling population, i.e. tourism.

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