Features and Design

The building program, site plan , and conceptual architectural plan for the Town Plaza is being developed and will become more detailed as input is received from the community. The goal of the program and design is to create a Town Plaza that is financially viable and fulfills the overall objectives of the project.  

Market Building

The public market building can have a mix of uses within the plaza. It might be a large, open-span, flexible, space that can be used for farmers markets, special events,  an ice skating rink, craft fairs, banquets, weddings and other community uses.   Or, it could be an enclosed  building offering all-weather use for music and performances, antique auctions, wedding events, etc. 

Outdoor Plaza

The outdoor plaza area is envisioned to provide spaces for different experiences and opportunities such as events, outdoor markets, music, and performances during warm weather months. The design plan for the site needs to encourage people to wander around and through the plaza and into the adjacent shops, restaurants,  park, trail and recreational facilities. The outdoor spaces can  include amenities such as moveable seating and tables, attractive eco-friendly landscaping, a variety of play features for children and a water feature for warmer months.

Interpretive Signage

Interpretive signage  can  illuminate the power of place  that will inspire a feeling of stewardship  in our community and strengthen the awareness of our cultural and natural resources.  Interpretive signage will demonstrate our community's pride in our local heritage, and,  by drawing attention to the Lake Almanor Basin's unique history and identity,  tourists will better appreciate our story.

Wayfinding System

The Town Plaza can  be at the heart of our  community's Way Finding System by providing directions and details to other areas of interest around the Lake Almanor Basin.


Parking can  provided on a parcel  across Willow Way as well as on the west side of the property. 

Support Structures

Public Restrooms will need to be a separate building that will include storage space.

Design Principles

Simple, Affordable and Modest 
The vision for the plaza is for an authentic, grassroots, community-oriented market and plaza. The vision is to create a “working market” and a recreation area that is accessible to the community and affordable to vendors. The design will need to avoid excessive adornment, or expensive materials. The building and plaza areas need to be designed with affordable, durable materials designed to last.

Activities, Vendors, and Products  are the Main Attraction
Related to the first item, the market building should have sufficient signage and architectural interest to invite visitors.  However, the building will also  need be designed to fade into the background as  the events, products and vendors, the people and overall activity of the space form the main event. The heart and soul of the plaza will be the ever-changing bustle of the place.  Buildings and other structures will simply be the vessels for this activity.

Mix of Indoor/Outdoor Spaces 
The outdoor plaza area and market building  need to  blend and flow well depending on the season and activity.

The plaza and public market building will need to evolve over time. The design will need to emphasize flexibility and adaptability to allow for changes to occur.